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Published: Mon Dec 19 2016

A flashback of REGINOX

Reginox, a well-reputed brand has established in 1976 and located in the eastern part of the Netherlands, Rijssen. All Reginox kitchen sinks are developed and manufactured with the help of ultra-modern machinery and hi-tech infrastructure. It produces more than 150 different sinks for all national and international kitchen markets. Thanks to the responsible production practices and continuous innovation due to which Reginox has got a leading position in the global market. The reason for its success is the detailed understanding of people and environment.
Why Reginox ?

By knowing the value of design, Reginox has created the most beautiful designs of stainless steel sinks. Due to the attention paid to detail and precision, each Reginox kitchen sink is a true example of innovation and renders a right balance between design and practicality. The best stainless steel material and deep drawing techniques are used in the manufacturing of Reginox sinks.
Protection of the Environment

Reginox simply stands for successful products with over 39 years of experience in the kitchen market. The vast experience of Reginox helps in designing the quality products. Reginox was there for you in the past and it will be there for you in the future as well to cope up your kitchen needs in the best way.
Banyo as a Best Supplier

Banyo helps you to get your most desirable kitchen sinks with excellence in quality and price competitiveness. Banyo has been amongst the leading suppliers for more than fifteen years with a goal to enliven your life by supplying you best products with excellent features. All Banyo products can be delivered to your doorstep. Banyo renders you pre and post-sale assistance in the very best way to bring unbeatable satisfaction.
Material of Kitchen Sinks

Reginox stainless steel sinks: They are quite popular for commercial kitchens. These stainless steel sinks are naturally hygienic and durable. They are perfect for commercial applications including restaurants. These kitchen sinks are highly corrosion proof as the high-quality stainless steel material makes them resistant to corrosion, rust, and staining. The Reginox modern sinks are pore-free and naturally hygienic and do not harbour bacteria. The surface of stainless steel sink develops a protective layer that can continuously renew itself so the sink will be easy to clean. The most important feature of Reginox stainless steel sinks is their durability as well as they as are acid-resistant.

Reginox Granite Sinks: Beauty can be even better when it is durable. The Reginox granite sink is not only scratch-resistant but they are easy to clean as well. They are wonderfully designed and their excellent craftsmanship and functionality have made them the perfect choice for any kitchen. The granite sinks do not require chemical cleaners as they are unbelievingly easy to clean. They are hard-wearing and reduce chips and stains. Due to granite sinks, bacterial growth will be reduced by a great percentage. You will feel the difference when you will run your fingers over the smooth surface of Reginox modern sinks as they give a great touch.

Reginox Ceramic Sinks: The fine refractory clay is used in all ceramic sinks. They are perfect for both traditional and contemporary executions. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs in the very best way. Reginox white sink and black sink are distinctive in features and designing. They have a smooth and impervious surface that is resistant to all standard household chemicals. All you will need is damp cloth and water for cleaning these ceramic sinks.
Types of Installation

Reginox Inset Sinks are manufactured for installation into the worktop as they have cut-out appropriate dimensions. They will be installed from the above and fixed with the provided clamps. The inset kitchen sinks are easy to install and save your time as well.

Reginox Undermount Sinks are mounted below as solid surface countertop so they will be effectively hung underneath the counter by creating a continuous flow from countertop into the sink. The undermount sinks are suitable for solid surfaces countertops like marble, concrete, and granite. Such installation makes the sinks easy to clean and give them a seamless look. Some Reginox kitchen sinks can be installed through integrated and semi integrated methods.

Popular Ranges of Reginox Sinks

Elite: The kitchen sinks of Elite range are available in virtually all sorts and sizes. The designing of Elite sinks is completely outstanding and their features are also unmatchable. Round sinks, square sinks, double sinks, and even coloured sinks all are included in this popular range.

Elegance and Comfort: These ranges are quite popular due to their excellent designing and top-class features. The sinks of these ranges are durable and provide advantages for the long run.
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