Kechara Forest Retreat Celebrate Lama Tsongkhapa Day On 23rd December, 2016

From: Kechara Forest Retreat
Published: Mon Dec 19 2016

Kechara Forest Retreat, a 35 acre retreat centre set in the midst of lush tropical forest in the heart of Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia, conceptualised by His Eminence the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, the founder and spiritual adviser of Kechara Organisation, celebrate Lama Tsongkhapa Day on 23rd December 2016 ( Friday) time 5.00pm to 9.00pm.

Lama Tsongkhapa Day or Ganden Ngamchee is celebrated to commemorate the parinirvana and Enlightenment of Lama Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelugpa School of Tibetan Buddhism. It is an excellent day to engage in virtuous activities as all merit accumulated on this day is multiplied 100,000 times.

His Eminence the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche when contacted, says, " Lama Tsongkhapa is a Buddha of wisdom and knowledge, understanding, perfection of mind. When you pray to Lama Tsongkhapa, when you meditate to Lama Tsongkhapa, when you make offerings to Lama Tsongkhapa, if you do Lama Tsongkhapa's mantra, what happen? Your knowledge will increase, your wisdom will increase, your memory will increase, your ability to speak will increase, your words will increase, the power of your speech will increase, conversation will increase, writing, science, learning, arts, drawing, music. Anything relating to music, art, writing, conversation, debate. Anything relating to learning and memory and comprehension, understanding can be achieved by praying diligently to Lama Tsongkhapa."

On this auspicious day, various events are organize at Kechara Forest Retreat and are listed below:

Event Details

Date : 23 rd December, 2016 (Friday)
Time : 5.00 pm - 9.00 pm
Venue : Wisdom Hall, Kechara Forest Retreat

Event programme:

5.00 pm - 5.30 pm : Animal Liberation
6.00 pm : Welcome Speech
6.05 pm : Body Speech And Mind Offerings
6.10 pm : President's Speech
6.15 pm : Dharma Talk
6.30 pm : Lama Chopa Prayers
7.30 pm : Lighting Of Butter Lamps
7.45pm : Dedication And Giving Away Sanghata Sutra
8.00 pm : Complimentary Vegetarian Dinner
9.00 pm : Goodbye

Participating in the Lama Tsongkhapa's celebration at Kechara Forest Retreat is most auspicious and meritorious. Performing animal liberation brings much merit ( good karma) and it can be helpful in removing life obstacles due to such things as serious illness. Performing Lama Chopa prayers, creates tremendous amount of merit and positive energy. Especially when dedicated to our deceased loved ones, guide them to a swift and good rebirth. Offerings of butter lamps to the a Three Jewels at Kechara Forest Retreat increases wisdom, wealth and creates the causes for a strong and healthy body. Most importantly, don't miss this good opportunity to be one of the first 1,000 participants to receive gift of a set of traceable Arya Sanghata Sutra book in English and Chinese, gold ink pen and ink refill and start generating tremendous merits for yourself and others. Participants can also enjoy a complimentary vegetarian dinner. Overseas persons can participate in the celebration by sponsoring a candle light offering
which cost US$5 each.

For more informations, go to the link below:

http://www. centre/events/lama-tsongkhapa-day-2016/
Contact 603-7803 3908, 609-222 3880, 6012987 3908 or care@ if you wish to participate in animal liberation, butter lamps offerings or have any enquiries.

Kechara Forest Retreat, a sanctuary for peoples who want a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where anyone can take a break from their hectic lives and rest, relax and recharge at this beautiful holistic centre, is a 35 acre retreat centre set in the midst of lush tropical forest in the heart of Bentong, Pahang , Malaysia about 1 1/2 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, conceptualised by His Eminence the 25 th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, the founder and spiritual adviser of Kechara Organisation. It boasts extensive facilities, comfortable accommodation and functional working environments for guests, events, teachings and retreats.

"Nature's haven away from busy city streets
Welcomes all race, colour and creed
An oasis of peace, calm and tranquility
To be here right now and listen to the Inner Me"

Highlights and facilities available at Kechara Forest Retreat are:

Wisdom Hall
Dukkar Apartments
Manjushri Hill
Tsem Ladrang
Tsem Rinpoche's Cabin and the Holy Bodhisattva Tree
Vajrayogini Stupa
The Aviary and the Recovery Aviary
The Organic Farm and the Herb Garden
Fish Pond
Gyenze Chapel

Wisdom Hall, the venue for the celebration of Tsongkhapa Day features a 13-foot indoor statute of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, the largest Dorje Shugden statute in the world, and an 8 foot statute of Lama Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa lineage, blessings all visitors and the environment. This 11,000 sq ft meditation and teaching hall offers near 360 degree views of the surrounding tropical beauty, is ideal for meditations, retreats, teachings and even a wedding.

Dukkar Apartments, your home away from home offers open-plan container-style guest accommodation in the middle of the forest. Each cabin is fully air-conditioned, carpeted furnished with wardrobes, work tables, chairs, tables, ceiling fan and comfortable beds.

Other attractions at Kechara Forest Retreat are Manjushri Hill with a majestic stone statute of 4- armed Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom that looks over the entire valley, Tsem Rinpoche's Cabin and The Holy Bodhi Tree, where His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche lived, worked and conceptualised each and every step of the Kechara Forest Retreat's development, the 15- ft. traditional Vajrayogini Stupa, filled with billions of sacred Vajrayogini images, scriptures, mantras and holy items, the Gyenze Chapel, conceptualized by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, is located at the external perimeters of Kechara Forest Retreat and is open to the public 24 hours daily, allowing visitors and practitioners alike to visit at their convenience. Also of great interest to visitors is the fish pond where a 9ft statute of "Dream" Manjushri sits in the pond with many koi fishes swimming around and surrounded by exotic green plants and flowers. There is also a Gazebo with chairs and tables. Exotic scenery for photo taking lovers.

Apart from being a retreat centre, tourists attraction centre, there are many programmes, events and activities ongoing at Kechara Forest Retreat. On the 1st Friday of each month, there is a Dorje Shugden Puja from 8.00pm to 10.30pm. The 2nd Saturday of the month, which is also Dorje Shugden's Day is the Open Day at Kechara Forest Retreat. Visitors have the opportunity to pay homage to the World's Largest Dorje Shugden, spend a day of blessed and fun-filled activities, participate in prayers and blessings, Laughter Yoga and free vegetarian lunch. On Sundays, there are dharma classes for both adults and children. For flowers arrangement lovers, there is a Floral Design classes for Beginners. Currently, there's a Inner Peace Retreat 2 Day 1 Night ongoing. Occasionally, they do organize 2Day 1 Night Meditation programme, 2Day 1Night Photography Meditation Programme, Sunrise Meditation, Laughter Yoga Retreat, Lama Tsongkhapa Retreat, Walking Meditation at Tara Walk, and other programmes.

For more informations, visit it's official website at or contact them at +603 7803 3908 or email them at

His Eminence the 25th Tsem Tulku Rinpoche dharma's works, meritorious deeds, achievements and contributions to Dharma, the Malaysian communities, the spiritual communities around the World, merits a Noble Prize award. Under his leadership, guidance and advice,
Kechara, established in 2000, from it's humble beginnings as a single retail outlet, has evolved to meet varying needs, interest and altitudes of the modern spiritual seeker, and now includes the 35 acre Kechara Forest Retreat, a dharma centre, puja house, soup kitchen, publishing house, comprehensive education programmes, art studio, film production house, online dharma store and vegetarian restaurants, among many other initiatives. Through Kechara's programmes, many truly transform their life, fulfill their potential and discover for themselves and others a limitless capacity for love, peace and happiness.
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