Guru Transfer-A new way for Online Sharing of heavy files

Published: Tue Dec 20 2016

Have you become a little too tired from managing the transfer issues where files are it seem like made up of way too many bits and bytes?? Well let me explain, I am talking about those heavy files and images that always seem ready to create problems while transferring or to Send Big Files Online. So here we present you with an amazing app Guru Transfer for making your professional and personal both fronts a manageable one. Guru Transfer offers smooth transfer of your large files like records or high quality large images or videos in an effective and smooth manner without any fuss. It has a very simple functioning which makes it very easy to use no matter whether you are very tech friendly or not. You only need to go through it once and you can easily work your ways in it. It has a one click process for sharing the files-or Upload Large File Free you only need to select the file(s), fill the recipient’s mail address (one or many) and simply click the send button and there goes your document(s), sent. Your friend or colleagues even doesn’t have to pre-install the Guru Transfer for receiving the files. It has different specific qualities with addition to being an instant file sharing app which makes it unique and very useful. You can preview the files or images within the app so that you can view them before choosing which image or file is needed to be send. It also offers multiple execution of task with Guru Transfer silently working in background completing the tasks it has been assigned. With addition to these it has calendar based search option and selecting filtering parameters to ease your way for a particular file or image. Being a cost free and world-wide transfer file sharing service also adds points to it. It also comes up in a very small size hence it saves your money and space both and benefits you in the most amazing way i.e. by helping you in a task which is truth be told a tedious one. So what are you waiting for? Guru Transfer is available for both I OS and android version so whichever version you want to download, download it from Google Play Store and install it to say goodbye to your heavy file transfer problems and enjoy an app first of its kind.
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