Genesys Medical Institute Launches A New Hormone-Based Weight-Loss Program - ‘The Permanent Weight L

From: Genesys Medical Institute
Published: Wed Dec 21 2016

Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C of Salt Lake City, Utah’s Genesys Medical Institute today announced a new hormone based weight loss program - ‘The Permanent Weight Loss Solution’ - set to launch on January 1st, 2017.

A response to the failure of fad diets and weight loss regimes, the 12-month solution ushers in a new year and a new you by providing immediate and long-lasting weight loss results that ensure the weight comes off, and stays off.

The program achieves these results with the use of short, 14-day bursts of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), combined with bioidentical hormones which are used to boost all of the patient’s main metabolic hormones to the upper registers of normal. Not only does this help to supress the fat storing hormones present in the patient’s body, but it also helps those who partake in the program to achieve their ideal weight.

Commenting on the results, Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C, leading member of Genesys Medical Institute and head of the new weight loss solution reports that the team "Have had extremely good, long-term results so far with patients.’

How The Permanent Weight Loss Solution Works

Developed by Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C of Genesys Medical Institute, the Permanent Weight Loss Solution is a long-term weight loss and management solution, which combines unlimited Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HSC) with all-natural bioidentical hormones to help patients lose - and maintain - weight.

A 12-month program, the Permanent Weight Loss Solution involves the use of short, 14-day bursts of HCG, which are repeated every 3 weeks until the patient’s weight loss goal is achieved. "It uses the hormone HCG to instigate rapid weight loss,’ explains Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C, "and then uses bio identical hormones to help with improved weight loss as well as making it possible to maintain it."

Through this groundbreaking combination of treatments, the program is able to achieve the patient’s optimal weight, and ensure they’re able to maintain it by suppressing fat storing hormones. Jeffrey explains, "...the goal is to increase the metabolism hormones that will increase the amount of calories burned even while sleeping. Also, we work to stabilize and balance fat storing hormones that will help reduce hunger, cravings and improve tolerance of carbohydrates."

The Permanent Weight Loss Solution is specifically designed for patients who have a history of weight loss resistance, as well as those who easily gain weight, but in turn find it very difficult to lose it. This also extends to those with stubborn abdominal fat, who suffer from excessive sugar and carb cravings as well as women in their 40’s to 50’s who have historically had a harder time losing weight than others.

Those interested are invited to learn more about the The Permanent Weight Loss Solution via the Genesys website, or call (801) 671-7456 for a free 1-hour evaluation to see if The Permanent Weight Loss Solution is right for them.

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About Genesys Medical Institute
Lead by Doctor Kirk Moore, M.D. and Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C, Genesys Medical Institute is Utah’s #1 provider of bioidentical hormone replacement treatments for a range of symptoms and conditions commonly associated with hormonal imbalance, including fatigue, thyroid problems, and low testosterone levels.

Genesys Medical Institute offers an up-to-date, aggressive approach to hormone replacement therapies for men and women of all ages, helping patients to improve their overall health and regain energy, mental clarity, drive and endurance as well as improved muscle strength and lean muscle mass. More than that, treatments are individualized and directed towards resolving specific symptoms. This includes many difficult cases that others have a habit of giving up on, including fibromyalgia, CFS and chronic fatigue.

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