Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant System

From: I-brain robotics
Published: Wed Dec 21 2016

With the co-operation of I-BRAIN and Sandy, the robot, HARRTSTM with its Untested Novel Technology is the realm's firmest Human Assisted Robotic Hair Transplant System which is proficient in effecting up to 1800 Grafts Procedure in about 2 Hours. With its Sole Design, it is the World's First and Only Utterly Integrated Hair Transplant System Operating Room that delivers matchless Comfort and Ease to the clients undergoing Hair Transplant with HARRTSTM was launched. The First Generation of this Robot would be doing the extraction Process, but it can be upgraded to the second generation on its arrival, which would be equipped to even implant the harvested grafts. The estimated implantation time would be about 40 Grafts/minute and around 2200 Grafts/hour. The New System is all set to change the Picture of Hair Transplant Globally.
Robotics is a division of science that embraces different trades of engineering. It contracts with the design, construction, operation, and customs of robots as well as hardware and software systems for their control, sensory response, and information handling. We are alive in a world subjugated by technology. Not only the Technology is varying at a very speedy rate, so are we, becoming tech-savvy and also are countersigning the birth and custom of such novel technologies that were once alleged to occur only in the Sci-fi flicks.
I-Brain was initiated to take this bequest ahead with its pioneering ideas that can amend the facade of the world we aware of and also as we grasp it.
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