Escape 9 to 5 - Leave your corporate job

From: Xoomly
Published: Fri Dec 30 2016

New Podcast Launch

Ditch Dollars for Hours mindset and escape 9 to 5. Spend 20 minutes everyday with a successful entrepreneur. In this podcast successful entrepreneurs share their story and idea on business success. I also deconstruct reasons behind their successes, habits and rituals. Gather around the table and lets get knee deep as we unveil new and powerful ways to get your business started and grow it to the next level.

When I was looking to start my business, I always looked for inspiration and motivation. I wanted to listen to success stories from entrepreneurs who have build successful businesses.

Hearing from people who have made it, is very inspiring and also them sharing this knowledge and wisdom for free is a huge bonus. In this podcast I wanted to bring entrepreneurs who have been through this journey so they can relate to you. They know it's hard and challenging.

On this show they will share their wisdom, experience, knowledge and how they have built successful companies from ground up who previously had corporate jobs.
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