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Published: Tue Jan 03 2017

SmartCooks gives end-to-end experience using the power of data to take the thinking out of cooking and eating. By learning users’ shopping and cooking habits, the closed loop system helps home cooks save time and money with four features that can be used individually or together: grocery shopping list, online pantry management, over one million recipe suggestions based on ingredients already purchased, and nutritional analytics of recent menus.

What to cook? Smartcooks will start suggesting recipes to you automatically, based on your past interactions with the app. A unique algorithm ensures these smart suggestions will inspire you and further enrich your cooking experience. Smartcooks inspire you making smart suggestions based on your personal preferences and the ingredients you have at home.

The more you use it, better it gets. Overtime, SmartCooks should know user’s eating habits and taste buds to give more relevant suggestions.

What to Buy? Choose your meal and automatically create a shopping list with everything you need from the grocery store, in just one click.

What's in the Pantry? Done shopping? Add items to your pantry in seconds! Simply scan the ingredients you want to add.

Recipe Search? Planning weekly meals stress free? Find recipes and add it to your calendar to get alerts and notifications about grocery and meal plan.

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