22nd World Cardiology Conference

From: Conference Series Ltd
Published: Sat Jan 07 2017

World Cardiology 2017
22nd World Cardiology Conference
December 11-12, Rome, Italy

Accelerating Innovations & fostering advances in Cardio Research

With the success of "16th World Cardiology Congress" in Dubai, Conference Series Ltd is proud to host upcoming "22nd World Cardiology Conference" during December 11-12, 2017 Rome, Italy. The event will bring together world-class cardiologists, researchers and professors to discuss strategies for prevention of coronary disease, stroke and sudden death. World Cardiology Conference 2017 is designed on the theme: "Accelerating Innovations & fostering advances in Cardio Research" that focuses to share novel approaches related to Cardiology field and exploring the challenges concerning excellence in Cardio research and advancements. The motive of the event is to generate awareness that will keep medical professionals abreast of the problems affecting the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
The aim of this conference is stimulate new ideas for treatment and analyze the current market for the future direction of cardiovascular drugs, devices, and diagnostics, with an emphasis on newer products that will be beneficial across the spectrum of Cardiology. Lectures will provide a comprehensive state-of-the-art update of the clinical uses of various techniques in the diagnosis, prognosis, and management of common cardiovascular diseases
This Conference basically focuses on the previous and also the recent research of the field of Cardiology such as, Clinical Cardiology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Vascular Heart Diseases, Current Research in Cardiology, Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure, Cardiovascular Diseases During Pregnancy, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgeries, Pediatric Cardiology, Diabetes, Obesity & Stroke, Device Therapy, Heart Regeneration, Cardiac Nursing, Case Reports, Women and Cardiac Arrhythmia and Cardiac Medications.
There are so many devices used and also different procedures are used to cure the heart disease such as; Angioplasty, Bypass surgery, Heart transplant, Cardiomyoplasty, Stent procedure, Trans myocardial revascularization, Catheters. By using all these and many more cure of heart disease can be done and these devices are also maintaining the market of many Pharmaceutical companies.
The global cardiac medical devices market is estimated to grow to $65.6 billion by 2015. During 2009-2015, the market for such devices has grown at the compound annual growth rate of 9.8%. A report forecasts that the North America accounts for the highest share of the cardiac devices market at 40% and second is the Europe that claims about 30%. As per the estimation the Asia Pacific growth rate of 11.6% compared with CAGR of 9.8% globally, makes Asia Pacific as the fastest growing region for cardiac medical devices with the market expected to be grow by $17.9 billion by 2017.
"To addressing medical needs, health system programs should also address patients’ social, cultural, and financial needs, using partnerships with other sectors of the community to enhance program effectiveness and outreach to those most in need." says Lisa A. Cooper, Vice President of Health Care Equity for Johns Hopkins Medicine. Therefore activities during this conference over the last few years and coming years will leave a lasting legacy in the field of cardiology for the world.
We welcome you to be a part of our Program that provide platform for medical professionals to explore challenges in the field of cardiac research & connect with our social media pages to get regular industry updates.
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