Your Tutor, the virtual classroom platform is launched to offer unique education or follow-up training. The platform is initiating a promising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds for the development of a modern LMS so that this awesome virtual classroom can be used also by the American schools, not only for online tutoring.

[ClickPress, Mon Jan 09 2017] Education is one of the most crucial parts of children’s upbringing or career advancement. The internet has revolutionized education by offering almost unlimited capabilities to online education. capitalizes on online education and offers a unique virtual classroom platform that promises to change things in this field once and for all. It combines the benefits of classic teaching with the infinite possibilities of new technologies. How does it work? By providing online access to the best tutors from any part of the country, at any time.

Online private tutoring classes to catch up with the school curriculum or college entrance exams are offered by specialized tutors through this amazing platform. Adults can also take advantage of Your Tutor as it offers online corporate training and private lessons. As Kaloian Kirilov, Founder at Your Tutor, emphasizes “There’s hardly a single person who is fully satisfied with the educational system in the USA. The American education faces the increased number of students dropping out of school while at the same time there are motivated students (and adults!) who for various reasons can’t receive the best education or follow-up training. Our mission is to help those people.”

Now, is launching an interesting crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The funds raised will be used to support the software development of a LMS, system administration, and marketing activities. Moreover, the money raised will enable whole schools to take advantage of this great platform. As Mr. Kirilov points out “We want to give something to the school system.”

Potential funders will benefit from large discounts and very appealing perks. They can also show their support by sharing the crowdfunding campaign with their Social Media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

For further information on Your Tutor and to claim your reward, visit, registered in Delaware, is a virtual classroom platform that offers online tutoring classes or training for children and adults. Their mission is to help students and adults and provide them with access to the best tutors from any part of the country, at any time.

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