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From: Free Shit Guide
Published: Tue Jan 10 2017

Every year, various free events are organized throughout America which offer a golden opportunity to those people who are enthusiastic about attending these events to gain some knowledge about current market trends all the while getting to spend quality time with their near and dear ones at free events. However, gathering all the info related to hundred of SXSW Events can be a cumbersome task in the absence of dedicated event management softwares such as Free Shit Guide which help in saving your precious time by acting as an able guide during colossal free events.

Austin, Texas, 4 January 2017:

Every year in the month of March, Austin becomes a home to an annual conglomerate of film, media, interactive and film festivals better known as SXSW(South By Southwest). SXSW Events trade shows, festivals are being organized by the company named SXSW,LLC. With so many events happening at one go, it becomes an incredibly difficult task to keep track of all of them and many attendees have to miss out on events of their choice because they cannot gather necessary information at the right time to plan in advance.

However, Free Shit Guide is one highly helpful event management and planning software that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of a large number of attendees that are gearing up for the big events such as SXSW. FSG is a complete and comprehensive party guide that provides all the necessary information pertaining to hundred of free events that are being scheduled to take place at Austin Convention Center. All you need is to sign up with them so that you will be the first to know when the guide goes live. This event management app is designed in such a way that you can filter what type of events you are interested in and their accurate timings.

About Free Shit Guide:

FSG is your ultimate guide to free food, free drinks, free events, free swag, free music and free events at SXSW festival. You simply need to register with FSG to get access to complete and detailed information related to all kinds of events that will take place. Real time tracker of FSG displays exact location of event place and timings for the convenience of attendees who can plan in advance and make all the necessary travel and boarding arrangements.
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