Social Shopping Platform RogueCart Is Making Amazon Interesting Again

From: RogueCart
Published: Wed Jan 11 2017

RogueCart is a social shopping platform that wants to change the way you shop Amazon. RogueCart asks its users to organize products from Amazon in unique formats, such as Pinterest style collections and Buzzfeed-esque listicles, and shares their work on

Users personality, original content, and creativity add context to the products featured, adding a dynamic often missing in the Amazon shopping experience.

Says RogueCart founder Sam Jackson, "Most people don’t go to Amazon to browse. They shop there because they know what they need and want to take advantage of Amazons selection, pricing, and logistics. We recognize that Amazon is best in class in these areas, and we leave that to them. Instead, we aspire to create an online experience more akin to window shopping -- we want RogueCart to be entertaining and fun to browse, enough so that our readers see displays they like, come into the store [Amazon, metaphorically speaking] and make a purchase."

In terms of functionality, RogueCart is similar to competitors in the social shopping space like, another platform that allows its users to create "Kits" of products to share. In terms of style and content, however, the platforms feel very different. RogueCart often embraces an irreverent and often comical tone, and is branded in a way that seems to attempt to appeal to the younger generation.

Says Jackson, "I wanted to create something featuring content that I felt was personally interesting and relevant to the Instagram/Snapchat era."

In fact many of RogueCart’s users are themselves "Instagram famous," and link to the site from their Instagram profiles. For users above an unspecified level of followers, RogueCart pays out Amazon affiliate earnings generated from their content.

"Users that have spent a lot of time building their online presence on Instagram or elsewhere have an extremely easy way to monetize, and we get more traffic and brand awareness. It’s win win for everyone," Jackson.

As of today, anyone can sign up for RogueCart to create their own collections/list/articles, suggest products to others, and "like" content. You can check out RogueCart for yourself at
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