Gurgaon Jan 2017 Ė KIIT group of Institutions organized its Grand Alumni Meet at KIIT Gurgaon in which all three colleges of KIIT group of Institutions including KIIT College of Engineering, KIIT College of Education and Kamrah Institute of Information & Technology were present in the meet.

[ClickPress, Wed Jan 11 2017] In the meet Alumniís who have their wonderful performance in academic as well as in industry were awarded three categories of prizes namely Chhaatr Shree, Chhaatr Bhushan and Chhaatr Vibhushan in which Sakshi and Nisha from MBA awarded by Chhaatr Shree award with a cash prize of Rupees 5000 to each of them, Saheeb Kaur from B.Ed and Pankaj Goyal from B.Tech awarded by Chhaatr Bhushan award with a cash prize of Rupees 10,000 to each of them and Meenakshi and Nitu Sharma was awarded by Chhaatr Vibhushan award with a cash prize of Rupees 15,000 to each of them.

There was an interactive session to discuss the current scenario in field of Engineering,a Technology and Education to gain an immense depth of understanding by the help of the experienced Alumniís working in private and public sectors.

One of the Alumni from KIIT College of Education Sahiba Kaur said that in our successful journey from college to industry there is lot cooperation of our teachers as they had taught us is helping us at this time resulting in working on permanent posts of the companies .

Another Alumni from KIIT College of Engineering Pankaj Goyal shared his experience to think in broader as well as in innovative way so that it would be helpful for us to work according to the engineering that a industry needs for our great career.

On this occasion, the registrar of KIIT group of Institutions, Neelima Kamrah gave her warmest greetings to the students to make their future more brighter and give a brand value to the Institution . She also added that we should also take the teachings from our Alumniís so that we can apply their experiences to shape our students to prepare them according to the need of Industries.

Followed by a dance performance and lunch the meet ends with unforgettable memories.

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