DIDforSale Launches SMS Solution for their Nationwide US and Canada Phone Numbers (DIDs)

From: DIDforSale
Published: Wed Jan 11 2017

DIDforSale, a leading SIP trunking and call origination provider, announced the launch of a complete SMS solution for their phone numbers also referred as direct inward dial (DID) numbers. The solution, made available on all new and existing US and Canada phone numbers, is a comprehensive array of SMS based capabilities expected to offer greater convenience to customers who prefer communicating through text messages.
"We always strive to help our customers improve the way they connect and communicate with their customers and partners. With SMS enabled VOIP phone numbers, customers can connect with employees and clients in real time and send and receive an immediate response," said Jai Rangi, Co-Founder at DIDforSale. "The SMS Forwarding feature allows customers to forward inbound text message to email, URL, or a desired phone number."

DIDforSale facilitates businesses to avail the new SMS feature and obtain as many phone numbers as required by introducing an on-demand provisioning API. Using DIDforSale API they can integrate their existing applications to send and receive SMS with confidence. The company also offers a web application module to automate number ordering, SMS activation, SIP Trunking, and configuration of phone numbers and trunks.

With DidforSale, customers pay no monthly recurring charges or SMS activation fee for SMS enabled DIDs. Existing phone numbers from all carriers in US and Canada can be easily and seamlessly ported in to avail the advanced features and services offered by the company.

DIDforSale is currently working on SMS mobile phone App that would allow customers to send and receive SMS on one, all or a group of DIDs in their account. Also, coming soon is the advanced SMS capabilities that will allow recipients to reply back to SMS directly from the email and have it sent back to the original sender as a text message. For more information regarding DIDforSale's SMS enabled DIDs, please visit http://www.didforsale.com/sms

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DIDforSale is a leading VOIP service provider of SIP trunking, nationwide US and Canada local phone numbers, toll free numbers, international DIDs and A-Z termination. The company provides cost effective cloud based custom solutions to small/mid sized enterprises, distributors and wholesale businesses delivering high-quality voice, premium features and unified communications. DIDforSale is also a member of ShoreTel Network Solutions to provide premium-quality, cost -effective SIP trunking for ShoreTel channel partners, resellers and business customers.
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