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From: Man Cave Barber Shop
Published: Wed Jan 11 2017

The days of simple, cookie-cutter haircuts for men have passed. What has been historically considered "a day at the salon" for women now caters to men as well. Whether a guy is looking for a simple clip or the latest style, an increasing number of barbers are more equipped. The art of shaping hair, from head to chin, has become more than sydney barbers. Here are some things to look forward to during your next trip to the salon.
The Stylist Knows
If you are unsure of what style might make your features stand out, don't worry. When you find the right stylist, rest assured that they are up to speed on the latest in hair sculpting. As with any skilled trade, barbers are well trained and will generally be in tune with the pulse of the latest styles. It might even be more beneficial to let them decide what look will compliment you best.
The Options
Among the most popular men's hairstyles are the taper and the fade. As the name implies, a tapered cut leaves the hair on the top of the head long, while the hair on the back and the sides of the head are mens pedicure. The taper is very popular among young professionals who desire a fashionable hairstyle without being too radical.
The fade is similar to a taper but with subtle differences. The basic fade consists of nearly bald sides and back with a greater contrast between long and short. The top will generally be left long, with near baldness starting about two inches below the crown. This method produces a slick, sharp look while maintaining a professional appearance.
Facial Hair
Facial hair is another branch in the art of hair styling. Every man has a differently shaped face, and there are huge variations in the thickness and coverage of Mens Facial. Again, letting the barbers in on the decision of what looks best is definitely the way to go. Among the most popular and corporately acceptable is the circle beard. It consists of a mustache and goatee, with the rest of the face clean-shaven. This style is best suited for men with a circular or oval shaped face.
The next time you are in the market for a haircut, find a salon that is as knowledgeable about men's styles as it is about women's. You will come out looking your best, most confident self. You may even be surprised at what they design for your unique features.

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