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Published: Wed Jan 11 2017

Microweb Outsourcing Services is a Data Management company from India. They do the outsourcing work of clients across the globe. Data Management Includes Data Entry Services, Data Processing Services, Data Conversion Services, OCR Scanning Services and other such Data Related work.

Apart from that they also provide services like Image Processing, Web Research, and Desktop Publishing services. These are the categories that have many different services inside of it, the services that customers can demand are mentioned below in the list.

Data Entry Services:
• Online Data Entry
• Offline Data Entry
• Medical Billing
• Invoice Entry
• Excel Data Entry
• MS access Data Entry
• Insurance Claim Entry
• Handwritten Entry
• PDF Data Entry
• Data Cleansing
• Survey Data Entry
• Indexing Data Entry

Data Conversion
• OCR Conversion
• Document Conversion
• HTML Conversion
• PDF Conversion
• XML Conversion
• Word Conversion

Data Processing
• Word Processing
• Claim Processing
• Forms Processing
• Survey Processing
• Check Processing

OCR Scanning
• Document Scanning Services
• Document Management System
• Data Capture Services

Image Processing
• Image Editing and Retouching
• Image Enhancement Services
• Raster to Vector
• Image Masking Services
• Clipping Path Services

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services
• Graphic Designing
• Layout Designing
• Typesetting

They also provide Web Research and Data Extraction services. They have been in the market for 7 Years running with different names and web domains but now they have pulled all of their resources under one roof of Microweb Outsourcing Services.

They also assure few things about their services like they will provide accuracy of 99.98% for all the Data Management Projects they take. Apart from that, they are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization for Data Entry Services. They are providing Data Management Services from 2007 and claim to have served more than 800 Clients in their journey since 2007.

Their office is situated in Ahmedabad Gujarat from India. The Address is as follows:

C/GF/7 Nirman Complex, Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad, Gujrat – 380060 India

They have other contact details which can be accessed from the Contact Details mentioned below.

They have been dealing with clients from the United States of America and India. Apart from all this, there is one special feature that they are providing that is a "Pilot Project."

If a client has a project and they want to test the accuracy or time taken for the project, they can ask Microweb Outsourcing Services to carry out a small portion of their project and once the client feels the work is as per their requirement, they can pass the whole project then. The pilot project done by Microweb Outsourcing Services will be done without any cost to the client.

They also provide private server storage for the clients who wish to have a backup with Microweb Outsourcing Services. But, it is strictly for future retrievals and they guarantee that they will not use the data for selling or any other purpose. The private server storage is available only when the client demands it as they sign a confidentiality cause with all their clients. Thus, above were all the necessary details that clients need to know about Microweb Outsourcing Services from India.
Company: Microweb Outsourcing Service
Contact Name: Miten Patel
Contact Email: info@microweboutsourcing.com
Contact Phone: +919714714779

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