Don't Want to Get Sick? Now There's a Fitbit® App for That - achu™!

From: Datapult Inc
Published: Wed Jan 11 2017

After months of research and development, the achu™ app has launched on Google Play and iTunes, and is available for free! Datapult, Inc. today unveiled its cutting-edge, patent pending app - just in time for cold and flu season. achu works exclusively with Fitbit® to provide the user with an interactive experience that predicts your health patterns.

"We realized that there was a significant need for an app that can use the data that we are actively feeding into our health trackers and wearables daily that would really make a difference in predicting our future health, not just seeing what we’ve done in the past," said Tony Peticca, founder of Datapult. "achu uses data from past patterns in our activity that led to a cold or flu, and enables us to take more control over recognizing those patterns going forward so that we can take the appropriate actions to fight the oncoming illness."

How does achu work? It’s simple. Download the app and sync it with your Fitbit® account. When you have symptoms – from fatigue to fever – you log it into your achu app. achu then uses your Fitbit data to alert you when your body is showing signs of an illness, such as a flu or cold, before it actually happens. By tracking patterns in your body leading up to a sickness, this proprietary technology will alert you of your impending illness. achu will also provide daily health tips to keep you motivated and well-informed to avoid future sickness, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

"The more interactive you are with achu, the more accurate it will be in helping you to stay healthy," explains Michael Morra, CTO of Datapult. "When you feel tired, achy, feverish, stuffy – whatever the symptom, you calibrate the achu app, and it will then start to match data from past readings. It will then actively monitor your health to look for similar data patterns that suggest that you’re getting sick, before you feel an ache or pain."

When other cold and flu remedies just won’t do, now you have achu™

About Datapult Inc.
Datapult is a creative app studio that focuses on building apps that are personalized to their users and unique. Datapult fuses the power of data science and wearable technology to achieve these goals. Datapult acknowledges the importance of creating an emotional bond with users of an app and is actively building technology to make achu compatible with most health bracelets.

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