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Published: Thu Jan 12 2017

Today’s rapid growth and development of online media and self-produced content demands an increasing supply of creative audio and visual stock sources. In response to this demand, Seoul, South Korea based startup company, SOUNDFLOOR Inc. (CEO Isaac Jung), launched an online beta service on the 6th called ‘SOUNDFLOOR’ , which is a global open music licensing marketplace and a music production freelancing/crowdsourcing platform.

SOUNDFLOOR provides two main functions: a ‘Library’ where artists are able to directly sell their creative music to purchasers in a form of an open market and ‘Project’; a music production freelancing/crowdsourcing platform in a contest format where purchasers are able to post a specific composition request and are able to select artists for the best tailor-made tunes.

As an open market, artists and producers are given the freedom to determine the pricing and usage permission of the music and audio sources they wish to license while purchasers are given the opportunity to not only purchase a specific license but also if the artist offers, gain full ownership and copyrights to the audio. When a full copyright is purchased, the original DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) files are provided and there are no restrictions on how the purchaser decides to edit or arrange the audio.

A high quality streaming service is also provided where a partial segment of the registered music content uploaded by the artist can be previewed.
SOUNDFLOOR has also integrated an audio content recognition function to prevent users from registering audio that already exists and to protect the rights of the artists’ registered music.

During the beta period, full version listen passes will be given to the users each day allowing a full duration listen of any registered music rather than just the default preview and for all purchases, no sales commission fees will be applied. A special online event will take place where the top 5 weekly artists will be chosen and rewarded with a small gift directly from SOUNDFLOOR.

CEO of SOUNDFLOOR Isaac Jung, stated that he "hopes that this service will meet and satisfy the needs of home-recorders, self-producers, and all those are involved with creative content production. We will try our best to provide the purchasers with exactly what they’re listening for in an outstanding quality at a reasonable price and open up opportunities for talented artists to enter the mainstream market."
Contact Name: Jonathan Yoo
Contact Email: jon.yoo@soundfloor.net
Contact Phone: +82-10-3352-9877

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