Heisenberg II, Automated Physician Compensation Solution, Set to Streamline Process for 800+ Provide

From: Hallmark Helathcare Solutions
Published: Fri Jan 13 2017

The Heisenberg II system will deliver end-to-end management of the physician compensation process to the 800+ providers at Norton Healthcare.
"As we began to think about creative ways to leverage technology to support our compensation processes, we were pleased to find a solution like Heisenberg. The team at Hallmark understood what we needed from a process and technical perspective."
Heisenberg II is a comprehensive, cognitive, adaptive system that automates manual processes, reduces likelihood of human error, improves communication and creates transparency between administration and providers throughout the compensation process.

"By enhancing communication channels and transparency, and by automating triggers and alerts, Heisenberg II can give back the critical element of time that is so often eaten up by manual efforts and disparate systems," says Neeraj Isaac, Chief Technology Officer at HHS.

Empowering key staff members to leverage their time wisely on core functions — rather than wasting their efforts on data mining and provider productivity reports — ranked highly on the wish lists Hallmark compiled while researching issues around provider compensation management.

"It was essential for us to develop a configurable solution that would allow Medical Groups to leverage technology to enforce strategy," says Dave Butcher, Director at HHS, a company known for its sophisticated software solutions in the healthcare space. "By creating a single-source, sophisticated solution that could automate a process throughout its entire life cycle, we knew we could solve some major pain points."

Adds Isaac, "Heisenberg II’s integrated and intelligent workflows yield a holistic view of the entire system and provide the means to streamline, improve and transform the physician compensation process from every angle, taking the primary burden off of employees or spreadsheets."

Norton Healthcare is one of a growing number of organizations that Heisenberg II is now
empowering to more effectively administer and manage multiple compensation models and payments.

"We’re thrilled that Heisenberg II is already mitigating and eliminating many of the widely acknowledged industry challenges to physician compensation for users," adds Butcher. "We are excited for Norton Healthcare to experience the same success and look forward to helping even more medical groups automate their sound strategy and processes."

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Hallmark Healthcare Solutions is a global healthcare solution and information technology firm with offices located in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, North Carolina and India. Hallmark offers a unique approach inclusive of both strategy and technology to achieve the desired outcome. The technology component positions organizations to use real-time data for improved decision making with regard to leveraging human capital. Over the years, Hallmark has helped organizations optimize and save millions in labor expenses, improve their efficiency, and achieve fiscal responsibility through best-in-class software and strategic workforce solutions.

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From our modest faith-based beginnings, Norton Healthcare has grown to be the area’s leading health care provider with some of the most advanced technologies and well-trained physicians, nurses and staff in the area. Norton Healthcare includes five large hospitals, 13 Norton Immediate Care Centers and over 190 physicians practice locations in Kentucky and Indiana. Through our extensive reach, we are committed to caring for our patients and our community. As a not-for-profit organization, our greatest reward is your health.

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