Exploring The Truth Behind Common LED Lights Myths

Published: Fri Jan 13 2017

LED lighting fixtures have become a hot topic of discussion nowadays. Many people have realized that these light sources offer amazing benefits and the ever increasing popularity clearly conveys the numerous advantages associated with them. Still, a good number of people have some misconceptions about these lights and they are sticking on with the conventional lighting options available in the market. Here are the most popular myths about LED lighting fixtures:

The brightness of LED lights is not adequate

This is a common misconception that many people believe in. Traditional lights produce more lumens compared to LED lights but the lumen output is not a healthy criterion to assess the real efficiency of a lighting fixture. The suitability of light source can be best evaluated by the delivered light. The key is to assess how much light is delivered to an area or surface where it is required. Since LEDs consume fewer watts, many people believe that they produce reduced amount of brightness. When you compare the delivered light of LEDs with the conventional lights, LEDs definitely stand tall.

LEDs do not last longer

It is one of the most popular myths and you can describe it as a meaningless argument. According to critics, smaller lifespan is the greatest shortfall of these lighting fixtures and they need to be replaced quite often. It is a fact that no lighting source can last forever. It can be said without an iota of doubt that LEDs do not burn out easily and well constructed lights have over 100 thousand hour life span. What does it mean? It clearly indicates that LEDs last for 10 years. Although the brightness may come down a bit during this time period, it can never be compared with other types of light sources available in the market.

LED bulbs are very costly and investing in them is not a wide idea

Many people are still following this argument without realizing the facts. When solar energy system was introduced, many people were apprehensive about its high installation costs. According to them, high initial investment makes it a less profitable option. Later, when these people realized the amazing potential of solar energy and its benefits, they changed their opinion. The same thing applies to LEDs. These light sources are a bit pricey compared to traditional lights but the benefits associated with them make the price factor really insignificant. The energy savings on the long run make LEDs highly beneficial and you can also enjoy better brightness for a long period of time. Moreover, the price of LEDs has come down significantly and they are no longer an expensive option as they used to be.

All these arguments do not put forward any truth and that is why they can be discarded as myths and misconceptions. If you purchase LED lights from reliable manufacturers like http://www.kydled.com/ , all your initial investment involved with replacing convectional lights with LEDs can be covered in one or two years and the energy savings even help you save a lot of money in the future.
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