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Published: Mon Jan 16 2017, India’s largest social commerce online platform is devoted to create an ecosystem for interior designers and architects to expand their boundaries and target new customer bases. This platform brings together professionals with all levels of expertise and experience. All these professionals need to do is to sign up and create a profile. They can then display their best work and get hired for the most promising jobs.

Correspondingly, a prospective client can find a wide range of service providers and professionals from various areas of home and office improvement, viz. interior designers, architects, landscapers, contractors, and lots more, on

Here’s how this online platform can help:
- Interior design and architecture are two such fields that are usually associated with luxury. They go beyond the basic necessities and functionality of a place to make it look beautiful! Luxury services are usually pricy too. Finding an interior designer always meant a lot of research to locate one that fits customer’s budget. With an online platform, customers can easily find one within a few clicks! There are a number of designers and architects registered and customers can easily locate someone to work within their budgetary constraints.
- For professionals who are just starting off, this platform could be a great launch pad. They can register and learn from the work of experienced professionals that is shared on the platform, interact and connect with them while looking for projects to work on.
- Experienced designers can showcase their work, influence the new comers in the industry and broaden their horizons vouching to work on few of the most interesting projects in town.
- An interior design or architecture firm can also use this online platform as an additional channel for marketing to spread the word, create online portfolios, receive new leads and attract new projects.

Interior design and architecture are two areas of work where specialist knowledge is necessary in order to create fully functional and working wonders with the right amount of eye appeal to dazzle the beholder. Making these professionals more accessible is what aims at.

It is a known fact the online portals garner greater proposals than traditional consulting. It also offers professionals with greater choices while they select the project that they wish to work on. Professionals no longer ‘have’ to do the projects that are handed over to them, but can choose from a wide range of projects and select the ones that interest them. Moreover, they can negotiate their own quotes and proposals online before grabbing new and interesting projects. These kind of online platforms definitely give designers more exposure and help increase their client base online!

Interior designers and architects that are looking for new opportunities and design firms that are looking for better channels for expansion, sign up to!
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