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Published: Mon Jan 16 2017

Studies..examinations..grueling hours at the desk! If you are preparing for CAT, SAT, GRE or GMAT, surely it's making a chill run down your spine?

Building your vocabulary is a big part of cracking any of these exams. Are you scratching your head thinking of the never-ending list of words that is waiting to gobble you up? Don’t crib, don’t curse yourself or the examiner… but take a chill pill!

Say goodbye to the traditional ways of learning, like frantic mugging of word lists (Did the next-door aunty tell you some home remedies or give you herbs to sharpen your memorizing power!!), painstakingly putting in the effort of making flash cards (the time that can be worthy of putting somewhere else instead).

VocabMagik, a free vocabulary building app which launched in December 2016 (available for download here, https://goo.gl/SbK6x4), makes building vocabulary a lot more fun and interesting, with effective use of mnemonics or memory aids. You would recall some of the mnemonics we used during our childhood, which made us smart learners - The word VIBGYOR for memorizing the names of rainbow colours, code words we made up to remember the list of Mughal Kings or the names of the planets with "My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Noodles" and the likes.

VocabMagik goes a step beyond and works on the concept of VAP (Visualisation, Association, Pleasure) via COMBS (Comic, Moving, Bright, Strange). The more connections one makes with the brain, the more is the retention power. It uses moving cartoon-like animations to depict a difficult word in a funny setting. For instance, never would one forget the meaning of Bacchanalian, if one sees the colourful moving animation of a BACCHANALIAN (drunk) Mr. BACHCHAN. Bachchan is the association (hook/link word) to remember the meaning of the word Bacchanalian.

VocabMagik app is a one-stop solution for you, designed by experts to ensure the word lists become a part of your long term memory. VocabMagik offers a guided learning plan with customized word lists for everyone, unlimited tests and other features like bookmarking, revising using flashcards.

End your vocabulary-learning woes now. Let VocabMagik do the trick for you! Learn over 1200 most frequently occurring words in CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, for free.

VocabMagik is currently available on the Google Play store for free download.
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