ConfigureTek’s Fourth Quarter ServiceNow Event Wrap Up

From: ConfigureTek
Published: Mon Jan 16 2017

While other firms may have been winding down during the holiday season, ConfigureTek ramped up Q4 with ServiceNow events across the East Coast, all taking place in December. Between workshops and lunch and learns, they married learning about ServiceNow ITOM opportunities with fun engagements.

On Tuesday, 12/6/16, ConfigureTek hosted a half-day workshop just outside Raleigh, NC at the Embassy Suites in Cary. This co-presentation with ServiceNow focused on CMDB and Service Mapping. It was an in-depth, practical workshop that began with a delectable breakfast buffet. The presentation content covered key concepts and demonstrated best practices for mapping business services.

One week later, ConfigureTek presented another half-day workshop, this time in New York City. On Wednesday, 12/14/16 they discussed ServiceNow’s CMDB after everyone enjoyed a quick breakfast. The audience was most engaged and full of questions. ConfigureTek noted that while most organizations may have selected ServiceNow as their service management platform, customers are realizing the business impact and value of implementing their operations management modules, beginning with the CMDB.

Though both events were very well received, ConfigureTek took further initiative and co-hosted a Lunch, Learn, and Drive event with ServiceNow on Tuesday, 12/20/16 in Atlanta, GA at the Porsche Event Center. This was a great opportunity to learn about ServiceNow’s CMDB and discuss how the platform enhances visibility into mission critical business services through event management. Plus, they covered educating the audience about how with event management in place, outages can be prevented from occurring altogether. Once the lunch presentation completed, attendees tore up the track in various model Porsches testing their driving skills, G-force limits, and much more.

Didn’t get a chance to attend these events? You haven’t missed out. ConfigureTek is presenting a CMDB, Discovery, and Service Mapping webinar just for you. This event is a high-level overview of the business value of these IT operations management disciplines. Join them on Monday, 1/30 at 2:30 pm (EST). Register here to attend the webinar:

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ConfigureTek focuses on delivering immediate value from clients’ technology investments. Our expertise helps customers align to industry best practices while achieving their business goals in just weeks, rather than months or even years. Customers gain efficiency, stability, and top performance from our services which cover specific ITOM (Information Technology Operations Management) areas: CMDB, Service Mapping, Asset Management, Event Management, and Software License Compliance. With each ITOM discipline, we’ve developed a plan, methodology, and best practice to accelerate the business value clients achieve.
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