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Published: Tue Jan 17 2017

FitVille hopes to raise $20,000 to bring gym buddies together for motivation and support

On January 4, 2017 FitVille announced on crowd-funding site Kickstarter that it is raising funds to bring its social fitness platform to your phone for a more interactive workout experience.

FitVille is a free app that will allow users to add their workout schedules, interests, and workout space to match them with potential gym buddies nearby. Ideal for everyday users and professional fitness junkies alike, it's designed for anyone that is looking to improve their workout experience. Whether you are looking to be active an extra day per week, wanting to try new activities, or simply meeting new people, The FitVille app can be used to make fitness an everyday priority that you would enjoy.

"Every year we make these resolutions to stay fit," Says Webster Innocent, Founder & CEO of The FitVille app, "but many of us drop out within the first three months after signing a contract. In 2015 70% of new gym memberships went unused, which means money was wasted and you are right back to the same resolution come January of whatever year. This is why I created this app. We are more accountable and likely to stay consistent if we have a buddy to share the experience with. Workout partners provide accountability, reliance, and reinforcement; and more importantly, motivation. So it was clear to me that this is what people were missing from their workouts."

With FitVille you can:
• Message users. Send photos and video to share tips, progress photos and ideas.
• Explore fitness centers to see which one of your friends attend.
• Find potential buddies on an interactive map that uses geo-location.
• Keep track of your progress with weekly storyline.
• Set a weekly schedule to get reminders on workout days.

You can back The FitVille app project on their Kickstarter page now; starting at $1. FitVille is also scheduled to have its first beta test during February of 2017. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, visit their website for more information.
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