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Published: Tue Jan 17 2017

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
- Mahatma Gandhi
It is important to keep this particular aphorism in mind when you make your lifestyle choices. However, when you do not follow this golden rule, you end up getting fat and sluggish. You end up with loss of productivity and lose focus to achieve your desired professional and personal goals.
Nutri2Go understands the benefits of being healthy and believe lifestyle is about making smart choices. The Dubai-based company runs nutrition consultation services along with workshops to help you achieve a beneficial health status. The key point? They come to you, wherever and whenever you are. No clinic timings, no parking issues, no skipping work…nothing to worry about!
We had a candid conversation with them and share the final excerpts here:-
What is so special about your company?
We are creative and understand that weight loss or fitness is about making small but long-term goals. We also get creative about how best to help our clients. We can run around and come to a place suitable for you. We can jump into your kitchen to make something creative and healthy so that you can achieve your nutrition goals. We understand you enough to create customized programs unique to your situation and needs.
Let’s take an example. One of our clients faced issue regarding the metabolism and was not able to come out of their comfort zone of leaving the house to exercise outside. We visited him and determined that his high belly fat content is his biggest issue. So, we changed the diet pattern to have more protein and fewer refined carbs. Plus, we gave home specific tasks involving managing the house without domestic help. It helped a lot; the client was able to achieve his desired goals. Today, he still follows the lifestyle change tips and is enjoying the bliss of getting healthier than he ever expected to on his own.
Very nice! So, how does it actually work?
We offer individual and group packages. It consists of an initial consultation where the nutritionist meets you to determine your current health status and future goals. We work on a lifestyle makeover and ensure you get regular feedback and get a more personal experience from the nutritionist, depending on how much care and motivation you want from us.
Our group packages include Family Fit2Go plan where the entire family can work together to progress on their fitness. We provide corporate wellness, because a healthy workforce is a productive and energetic workforce! Interactive kids programs teach kids from an early age to take care of their own health for the long run.
Give us a shout on, to have us visit you as soon as possible and determine your best plan to be your best self!
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