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From: Filingenie
Published: Wed Jan 18 2017


Why can’t ventures have all-rounders if sports already have? Taking the philosophy further, Filingenie is coming up with the concept of all-rounder. With a greater understanding of the challenges being managed at every level, Filingenie has catered to every business with their offerings that are well-rounded and holistic in approach.
With businesses unable to keep pace with evolving consumer behaviour and the marketing landscape, the need for an all-rounder in a business setup is more pressing and realistic than ever. It is not that businesses are not aware about what needs to be done but they fail to take action within opportune time.
Holistic or all round attitude is becoming a requirement of business and consumer space in today’s desperate times. Quickly delivering the analysis to the right decision makers and meeting customer expectations while mapping out the entire consumer experience is the call of the changing times.
It would be interesting to watch how Filingenie is going to challenge the prevailing perception and manage to unfold an inclusive approach towards the problems every business and consumer facing now. One can be a part of the upcoming campaign by simply visiting the website of Filingenie at and can also be inside the social interaction for the campaign on and to watch out how it unravels the enigma of having an all-rounder by your side all the time.
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