Shopping for Organic Skin Care Just Got Much Less Frustrating

From: Sassafras
Published: Wed Jan 18 2017

While organic skin care offer benefits that mainstream brands can’t, most consumers often find it hard to find well-loved organic personal care products. As the adage goes, quality takes time and many of the most popular organic beauty brands painstakingly make their products in small, handmade batches, from formulas that often takes months or even years to perfect. Also, manufacturers of certified, authentically organic brands use absolutely no chemical preservatives and toxic additives in processing, which means a shorter shelf life for the product, so hoarding a stockpile of skin care staples is not a good idea. These factors, which are precisely what makes organic skin care products great, are also what makes them frustratingly challenging to keep in ready stock.
Enter Sassafras, which brings all the best organic brands, and nothing but, in one online store. Sassafras makes it possible for U.S.-based shoppers to cherry-pick from certified organic favorites like Earthwise Beauty, Sibu, Makes3, and many more. What’s even more delightful is that Sassafras, being an authorized dealer of these brands, is able to offer everything at the same price point as the brands themselves; when you add in all the ongoing promotions and sales they’ve been offering since they launched in September 2016, it all adds up to deep discounts, making certain products turn out to be cheaper than their drugstore counterparts.
The holiday season might be over, but the shopping spree continues, at least at Sassafras where you can get up to 50% off. This makes it the perfect time to fill your shopping carts with your favorite moisturizer, or even try organic goodies that you’ve always wanted to get, but were just a wee bit out of your spending budget. To make this deal even sweeter, you get free shipping for orders $30 and up. Our pro tip? Grab the steeply-discounted gift sets for triple value: just by buying the gift sets alone, you already get the products at a lower price than if you had bought them individually. Throw in the 50% discount, and the free shipping, and it’s like Black Friday all over again.

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