Top 25 Myspace Kids Released!

10 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Were A Myspace Kid

[ClickPress, Wed Jan 18 2017] 1. Mastering the MySpace Face

2. Filling your About Me section with tiny, super-cute details about your perfect existence & lists of the cool shit you had coming up

3. Graduating to scene kid selfies, i.e fringe and shoes

4. Spotting the local MySpace celebrity IRL

5. Becoming the only member of the opposite sex to make it into someone's Top 8

6. Your crush posting a cute message on your page FOR ALL TO SEE

7. Finding a profile song that summed you up as a person

8. That older kids who was quite famous on MySpace accepting your friend request (jeffree Star, Kiki Kannible, Corey Pattakos, Aubre Kitchen)

9. Posting your first ambiguously-titled bulletin to get some attention

10. Your older sibling/cousin telling you about this cool thing called Facebook

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