Advantages Of Timber Sash Windows In London

Published: Wed Jan 18 2017

When you have to choose a material for your windows, you are likely to be torn between uPVC and wood. uPVC has its share of advantages and wood has its own benefits. You are free to choose either but you should make an informed decision. uPVC and wood are not exactly alternates and hence not interchangeable materials. They are worlds apart. Many people consider the cost of wood and choose the more affordable uPVC. Many people want the classic wood or timber sash windows in London so they don’t consider anything else.

Here are the advantages of timber double glazed sash windows in London.

We all know that wood stands the test of time. Of all materials that windows can be made of, wood is inarguably the most durable of them all. When you invest in wood windows, you are not buying something that would require replacing in the near or distant future, you wouldn’t have to periodically upgrade or replace certain parts and you don’t have to pay for any kind of treatment or expensive maintenance. Wood or timber sash windows in London are a onetime investment and a permanent addition.

Wood windows will allow you to play with the brightness and level of darkness of a room. You can conveniently block off natural light or you can allow the room to be very well lit. While the extremes would be suitable in specific circumstances, you can choose any of the many interims as the various angles at which the shutters can be poised will allow varying amount of light entering the room. That is where sash windows come handy.

Wood windows have a direct impact on the resale value of a home. You may not want to sell your home but getting the value of your property assessed and enjoying an appreciated value is always desirable. And if you do intend to sell a property, it is worthwhile to have timber sash windows in London as you can opt for a much higher price.

Timber windows are effectively insulated. Hardwood is a nonconductor of heat. During summers, you would have cooler interiors with the windows closed as wood would prevent the heat from invading your home. During winters, you would have comfortable interiors because the cold air would be kept out. Also, double glazed sash windows in London are anyway engineered to be impeccable at insulation.

Timber sash windows in London are a classic choice. They come in myriad styles, textures and designs. They would suit any kind of home. They are as traditional as they are chic and sophisticated, cool and hip, modern or state of the art. You can also deck up hardwood windows with myriad types of blinds, curtains, drapes or shutters.

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