3 Important Points To Know About Virtual Credit Cards

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Published: Thu Jan 19 2017

Whenever you are making a high-end purchase from a large sized vendors like Flipkart or Amazon, you are assured that this one wouldn’t abuse your card details. However, when a merchant happens to be a completely new one and commands very less presence over net your purchase may turn into a risky decision. The merchant will have your billing address and all other card details. He can always go for a Caribbean vacation on your behalf. It is for this reason, you need to opt for virtual credit card solutions. Here are five things you should know about these:

1. Definition: Virtual credit card number is a randomly-generated card number that gets associated with your card. It protects your transaction and if you happen to be dealing with the right kind of provider you can even set a defined expenditure limit over your card. The online merchant will have it like all other regular card numbers.

2. Where Can You Get One: MasterCard has its own virtual credit card service while Bank of America provides the ShopSafe service. Visa too has its own. If you want you can also opt for a third party service and get your card the required security.

3. Where You Can’t Get This Kind Of Service: Various other credit guarantors have given virtual Visas before, yet no more. Find ended such an administration not long ago when MasterCard purchased the organization providing their innovation. American Express offered "Private Payment" from 2000 to 2004. PayPal's Virtual Debit Card framework, which had the special reward of letting you effectively pay with PayPal even on destinations that don't bolster it, finished in 2010.

There are several other points, but these three happen to be the top three ones. If you are looking for a third party service, you can always try out solutions offered by https://myvcc.biz, a virtual credit card solution provider. You can use their cards with any address and name as per your choice. These card solutions can also be used in activation or verification of your AlertPay or AdWords or PayPal account. And the best part is there services are very pocket friendly and easy to use. Activation or verification VCCs can be used one time only as these expire once you have activated or verified your account. You can find out more details by visiting their site or giving them a call at 0123456789.
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