Why people are scared of shopping online

From: Duet Trendies Stores
Published: Thu Jan 19 2017

Online stores in Nigeria have grown over the years as people adapt to the lifestyle of shopping online nowadays. There are many online stores in Nigeria like DUET TRENDIES, JUMIA, KONGA etc., which are the famous online stores that people visit most. Online stores are trending more than offline stores all over the world now because people find it easier and safer to shop from the comfort of their homes and offices.
However, Nigeria online stores have suffered many criticisms recently due to cybercrime issues in the region. Though the people are skeptical about shopping online but there are some online stores like Duet Trendies: http://www.duettrendies.com, Jumia and Konga that are safe to shop from. This is because they have extra encryption methods of protecting their customerís card information online against cyber attackers and payment-on-delivery option are available for their customers.
In conclusion, online stores in Nigeria have come to stay and people are advised to embrace the modern shopping style because it is easier, safer and more convenient.
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