A Proud Collaboration of ACT with TQUK

From: Asian College of Teachers
Published: Fri Jan 20 2017

ACT takes pride in becoming the first ever TQUK Approved Centre in India. For past 10 years, ACT has been known for its flexibility, commitment and constant care and support to its students. Training Qualifications UK is best known for providing support to all its members and associates for maintaining high standard of education in terms of learning experience, delivery of study materials, infrastructure and other facilities. Now if we look at this collaboration, we will realize that it is not just for the best of education but to bring revolutionary change in the way we look at the present learning formats and scenario.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has been introducing various modern teaching methods and techniques which are new and fruitful. All our students are future global educators who should have deep understanding of changing trends of learning and society at large. They must be flexible enough to handle diversified classrooms of ESL students from around the world.

Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), a prestigious British Awarding Body and Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation in United Kingdom is growing fast which is a sign of great achievement in global education as it maintains that all its associates provide best service possible to the learners. On the other hand, the prestigious Ofqual or Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, is a non-ministerial department that regulates qualification, examinations and assessment in English. It regulates the functioning of TQUK. Thus reputation of TQUK as a provider of world class qualification across the globe is reaching new heights.

The collaboration of ACT with TQUK confirms that our students will get the best service in the coming days. Now you can pursue our In Class TEFL Program and get joint certification from TESOL Canada and Training Qualifications, UK. A student who receives TQUK certification has an added advantage. All these ensure that the trainee teachers will have a great career ahead with an extra edge in their Curriculum Vitae.
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