: Launching Earth's Largest Gemstone and Handmade Jewellery App

From: Bello Jewels
Published: Mon Jan 23 2017

Bello Jewels are the epitome of gemstone and handmade jewelry industry owing much of their success to their excellent craftsman and creative team of designers. Sapphires and Nepal rudraksha are their specialties. Being the leading manufacturers and exporters of gemstones and handmade jewelry, Bello Jewels offer a plethora of options to select from so as to offer their customers utmost satisfaction. They offer a wide variety of loose gemstones and birthstones, 925 sterling silver jewelry made with precious and semi-precious gemstones, designer gemstone necklaces bejeweled with precious and semi precious stones, semi precious gemstone necklaces as well as 14K,18K, and 22K gold & diamond gemstone customized jewelry. In addition to the above, Bello Jewels deals in precious gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, and ruby. In the words of George Elliot, "These gems have life in them, their colors speak, say what words fail of". Bello Jewels also specialize in Rudraksha seeds. The rudraksha is known for its perplexing powers which enable us to effectively control the actions our body performs. It also helps tackle problems of stress, anxiety, and ailments like insomnia, alcoholism, acute depression, heart diseases, skin diseases etc.

Their magnificent jewelry is an amalgamation of the contemporary and the traditional. Every piece offered by Bello Jewels exudes the perfect blend of the novelty of contemporary design and the brilliance of the rich Indian tradition. Their products cater to the needs of all demographics and provide unrivaled distinction and personalization in each piece. Crafted with perfection, they offer exclusive services like customization of the gemstones in accordance to the client’s needs as well as in-trend jewels ready for delivery. Bello’s fashion jewelry is at par with international standards owing to unparalleled intricacy in their jewels and their fine quality of doorstep delivery. With efficient warehousing facilities and a booming logistics and distribution network, Bello Jewel intends on becoming a household name. In their effort to become a world brand, they offer their customers in-time delivery across the USA, Australia, and Europe at the convenience of making payments via Bank Wire (ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Axis Bank Account), International Money Order, Paypal & all Major Credit Cards. Relentless efforts have helped Bello Jewels gain 30,000+ satisfied customers from across the globe.

Bello Jewels have made it their focus and their guiding principle to produce dazzling jewelry which would grant you confidence and poise in addition to the precious birthstones and rudraksha which grant you energy. They employ the unique method of gemstone auctions which start from $1.00. A distinctive showcase of the gems and stones at the auction allow the customers to go through a wider variety of gems and enjoy healthy competition with others.
Now, they are ready to showcase their colossal collection via a mobile app.

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