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Published: Mon Jan 23 2017

Though famed primarily for his work in the ring, UFC fighter is starting to make the move into acting, thinking ahead and setting up a new career when he has to hang up his gloves. He discussed his future with HeyUGuys, when we caught up with the star during the promotional tour of xXx: Return of Xander Cage.Bisping discusses his role and the enjoyable sense of ambiguity where the part is concerned. He also spoke about replacing a certain Conor McGregor, and whether he can see himself moving away from big action franchises and into more understated, character driven work.

He went on to tell us whether he gets more nervous before a fight or shooting a big scene, and on his forthcoming part in My Name is Lenny.The British actress discussed with HeyUGuys whether she created a back-story for her role, and the challenges in stepping in to an established franchise. She also told us whether Vin Diesel let her wear that ridiculous coat, and what it was like working with the Hollywood star.

She also discussed a future project in Bees Make Honey – a more comedically inclined endeavour, which led on to a conversation about not being pigeonholed in this industry. Corfield then spoke about TV series The Halcyon, and whether or not discussions had already taken place regarding a second series, while the actress explained whether she feels there are any differences between shooting a drama series, and a movie.We spoke to Vin at the UK premiere, but thankfully had the chance to speak to him in much more depth (and in an equally warmer setting) about his return to the role. He tells us that there have been other chances to reignite this franchise, and explains why now feels like the right time.

He then tells us how he found it getting back into the headset of the role, and just how much swag is required. Diesel also talks about the Fast franchise, and whether he could have ever foreseen it having such longevity and appeal
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