Carpet Cleaning After Winter Minimizes Ice Melt Damage To Your Floors

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Published: Mon Jan 30 2017

Face it. Winter wear is not good for carpet and floors. Mud, slush, debris and all kinds of foreign material may be brought inside your home or office on the foot soles of humans and animals. This usually includes ice melt salt which is especially harmful to your carpet and floors.

What is the problem with ice melt?

Firstly, residual salt crystals which haven’t melted completely can get embedded deep among the carpet fibers and cause damage by abrasion.

Secondly, even if the crystals have melted completely, there may be a sticky residue that could be a tripping hazard. This residue could also attract dirt and cause ugly spots to appear on your carpet. Hard floor surfaces could also be impaired by the chemical reactions between the salt and the floor finishes.

Thirdly, your kids or pets could be harmed by toxic components of some types of ice melts.

How To Minimize Ice Melt Damage

The most important thing you can do to protect your floor surfaces, is to vacuum frequently.

During the winter, especially, it is advisable to vacuum and/or mop at least daily.

In addition to this, it is always a good idea to place walk off mats at all entranceways.

Then, be sure to have your carpet and floors professionally cleaned at the beginning of spring.

Victor Nugent, owner of AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc. in Orem, Utah says, "Carpet Cleaning each spring is especially important, not just to enhance the appearance of your carpet, but to ensure that your internal home environment is safe and healthy. Our spring cleaning procedures always include a special extra rinse to extract ice melt and other harmful residues."

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