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From: The House Of CQ
Published: Tue Jan 31 2017

A bride must wear the best wedding dress in the town when she goes to the altar and for that she should get top bridal designer’s Melbourne to design it. Women fashion has changed and we see new designs each day coming from the imagination and creativity of dress designers and the bridal dresses are no exception to that. In Melbourne the name Shehzarin Batha rules the roost when it comes to stitching bridal gowns for would be brides as she calls all her skills and experience and combine them with her independent ideas that she conjures up from fantasies.
Shehzarin brand bridal dresses are unique as they keep a balance between classic and modern, and express the new age women in a bold and fun kind of way. The designer has high qualifications in the field of fashion designing and has studied fashion in RIMT, Australia and London College of Fashion, United Kingdom to present herself as the most eligible candidate for creating your bridal dress when you plan your wedding. The bridal dresses made by Shehzarin are aimed at complimenting the naturally endowed curves of the brides in Australia and she is the most sought after by the elite class when they plan their high-end wedding celebrations.
Bridal dresses from the top bridal designer’s Australia are the result of the designer’s passion for the classic courtier and creations bear the mark of her highly innovative design sense and make them unique in the eyes of the onlookers. You can view a huge range of her creations on her website and will find them out of the world designs that are not tried by other designers.
Visit her website to find it for yourself before you make your decision and you will find that the wedding dresses by the designer is genuinely created by her ideas of how a contemporary woman should look on this special day. Get in touch with the designer on phone number 03 9500 9650 or send a detailed query to to get instant reply.
Shehzarin Batha is Melbourne based top bridal dress designer who makes innovative and bold designs for the modern age women to make them look unique on the special day.
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