4 Reasons Why Bunk Beds With Stairs Are Good For Kids

From: Dream Warehouse C/O IT Ideas (GB) Ltd
Published: Tue Jan 31 2017

If you are having kids who no more need cribs but wish to have some more sleeping space, then consider the option of bunk beds as it’s just the best. Yes, it indeed is a great addition to the room of children and everyone seems to love them. There are various benefits of purchasing bunk beds with stairs, over buying simple ones. Given below are 4 reasons why bunk beds with stairs are just perfect;
1. Space is saved and expanded
A lot of space is saved and this is the reason, they are quite ideal for small apartments or for couple having 2 kids. A lot of comfort is offered when kids sleep on them; there’s no disturbance to siblings. Bunk beds with stairs help in utilizing space which is above the bed. When these bunk beds are purchased, floor space is increased and kids can use it for studying, playing etc.
2. Cost effective
Apart from space saving, bunk beds with stairs are a great option when it comes to affordability. Yes, they are very cost-effective. When you go out to make a purchase, you’ll find that a bunk bed is cheap as compared to buying single beds.
3. Storage space is extended and functionality is increased
Beds having stairs offer great fun to children who like climbing up and down. Stairs have a good functionality associated with them. A drawer can be built on each step and this in turn gives more storage space. There are some stairs that have space under them for storing things. Moreover, a desk can be attached to these beds, which assists children to study well. Things can be kept in a very organized manner.
One can have bed that has drawer built on every step to increase the storage space. Some stairs have space underneath for storage. In addition, some bunk beds have desk attached to it, which helps the young kids while studying. They can keep their things in an organized manner.
4. Safety point of view
Stairs are any day safe as compared to ladders. Majority of parents like the option of stairway beds as compared to ladder ones. However, space in the room must be considered while purchasing bunk beds; more space is needed lengthwise so that they properly fit there.
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