Advantages of Plantation Shutters

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Published: Wed Feb 01 2017

Plantation Shutters offer many advantages over more traditional window furniture options. Due to its finish, the Shutters can be made to fit almost any windows or in a special way. Shutters offer complete flexibility with how to control light, they are low maintenance, help with sound insulation, ensure privacy and really help insulate your home from the cold.

Ensure confidentiality

• Louvers ensure the privacy of the occupants of the house. You can also open the shutters completely for a full view of the landscape around you or you can close to block the passes

Wooden shutters

• The shutters are constructed of natural wood and its lifespan is very long. They are very strong and elegant. You can have a lifetime warranty on wooden blinds.

Protect From UV

• There are several options for passing your house if you use the plantation shutters. If you open the sheets, direct sunlight is blocked, but you get a lot of light. If the blades completely open, the light can flood the room. You can also customize your point of view.

Noise and thermal insulation

When the panel doors and shutters are closed, the fins provide a layer of sound insulation. The wooden barrier insulates your room, keeping you warm during the winter to help reduce your heating bills. In summer, opening the windows closed and maintaining the panels helps to maintain unwanted heat, while allowing air to circulate.

Free entry

• Planting shutters can be adjusted to the free entrance of air and this way you can keep your site fresh.
• Planting flaps can be installed inside or outside a window.
• One of the benefits of planting shutters is that it can be made to fit almost any shape of windows, including arched windows, circular windows or diamond shaped.

Two panels

• The Plantation Shutter can be constructed with two panels, each articulated in the left frame or the right window. It opens like a double door. You can also build four panels with each of the two main panels hinged on the left panel or good partner. In this case, you have the option to open and close the window as a two-fold door is operated.

One level or two levels

• Louvers can be built with one level or two levels. Blinds have a single level (or more) panel top to bottom, while the double-row flaps have a set of panels at the top half of the window. The advantage is that the top and bottom sections can be mounted or opened independently.

Low maintenance

• Require tiny maintenance. When properly supported, just you need to clean dust and fingerprints.
• Louvers can help reduce your energy bills by minimizing the amount of hot air that seeps into your room or cold air.
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