Dental screening conducted in bangalore almost 2000 govt school students and teachers

From: Orident
Published: Wed Feb 01 2017

"The society for People Health", in association with "Orident" conducted "Dental Screening" camps at 13 different places simultaneously for almost 2000government school students and teachers, on Saturday, 28th January 2017.
The Camp was conducted around Kaval Byrasandra, DJ Halli, LingarajapuramNS Line, Murphy Town Gandhinagar and Venkateshpuram.
In India dental care is one of the vital health sectors that has been overlooked, especially among children. Studies say, 90% of people in our country suffer from some dental problems in which the most common are gum problems and periodontics, said Dr. Shine, Orident.
"Almost 25% of children’s first visit to the hospital will be for dental related issues. More than 50% of four million children born every year will have dental cavities before they reach second grade. Whereas, 40-50% of children suffer from dental decay before the age of five. Out of ten kids in India, seven kids will be affected by gum diseases. Almost 70% children below 15 years have dental carries and more than 50% of school children have decayed teeth in India, added Dr. Shine.
Accentuating the issue, Orident has started to promote the importance of oral health care by among the government school students and teachers through such camps.
Orident is India’s first complete oral care solution provider at an affordable cost. A complete dental coverage using the state of the art technology facilitated with its unique features and benefits. Focused on providing all the necessary dental services to sustain a healthy smile through preventive care solutions.
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