Automated export system using yield management software

From: Intellect Technologies
Published: Wed Feb 01 2017

Before to the AES, the process of export and import was paper-bound, and usually required a lot of manual effort. The error rate was also very high compared to the present day scenario. The new way to record and re-use the service using AES has proven to be the significant answer to overcome the labor intensive and paper-bound export system. us customs AES filing was basically developed by the interest and voices of the large and small exporters, freight forwarders, transport authorities, vessel and non-vessel operating common carriers in the US. In the background, AES held meeting and asked for the association’s voices. The AES help its operations in multiple phases. Phase 1 opened its wings in the early 1995 at five vessel ports; Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Houston, and Los Angeles/Long Beach. During the phase 1, the companies had the flexibility to collect dual reports that is the companies could afford to have paper report with the software copy as well. The AES aimed improving the standards of trade and security at the level of seaway freight. The goods that traveled international has their records maintained analyzed based on the software designed.

The Yield Management Software is a variable pricing strategy, based on anticipating and influencing the behavior of the customer to maintain revenue and extract profits from a fixed and limited resource. The yield management software does not restrict its expansion only to the freights on the sea ways but also the management in the trade and supply of commodities with other modes of transport. It has been over two and half decades that the yield management has come into existence but the effective version with a very less amount of resource consumption has turned up only in the recent years. The YMS has been collaborated with the AES to gain stringed work architecture of the freights on a daily basis. The YMS has led a way in discriminating prices based on the demand and supply of identical goods. YMS has proven to be a single stop theory in grabbing revenue for several major industries and transport industry being top in the list.

YMS has seen a serious change in the travel and hospitality industry as well. Since the required analysis with detailed market knowledge and advanced computing systems, YMS was widely used as tool to establish an error free revenue opportunity. The Logistics Solutions also marked its presence with the value added by YMS to its fleet. The record and analysis of traverse of goods by a medium over the oceans has been made automated and effective since the usage of YMS and AES became popular. The authorities are keen on observing the trend of business before and after the introduction of YMS and AES in logistics, and the result they have drawn was quite impressive.

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