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From: Alphology
Published: Thu Feb 02 2017

Alphology, a new Learner Teacher Support Material in crossword puzzles website.

Pretoria, Alphology is proud to announce its new website of the same title. This is a new Learner Teacher Support Material website that uses crossword puzzles as a means of teaching. It embraces the concept of Mindful Teaching=Mindful Learning which emphasizes that in order for effective learning to manifest, learners must be given the opportunity to learn while playing.

Alphology has recognized the fact that children/learners are not given the opportunity to play while at schools and when they do play at home, they do this excessively leading them to engage in truant behaviour. Gone are the days when children used to play as they are supposed to do. Children/learners learn better when they play and this website has Learner/Teacher Support Material for Maths, Setswana, Zulu, Ndebele and Xitsonga with more to come.
Alphology has effectively been launched and is now live at

Parents and teachers are advised to get the learning material for themselves and children as this will help them improve dramatically. The material is also suitable for the ordinary man in the street, more especially taxi drivers and those who want to preserve their language.
Many experts have hailed the materials as being new and innovative and that it will be warmly welcomed by the community as the first of its kind
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