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Published: Sat Feb 04 2017

The College Inspirations provides students and young professionals, recognized for their leadership potential, with educational and training opportunities that will help their career development, will enable them to achieve impact in their professional fields and ultimately to bring benefits to others in their countries of origin.

College Inspirations is awarded on the basis of merit and applications are carefully considered by officers and trustees of the Foundation and external assessors. The Foundation bases its decisions on the candidate’s excellence the applicant’s leadership potential, future career intentions and their practical ability to make use of the knowledge to be gained .

Through this process, we help families to budget financially for college; to utilize their savings efficiently and effectively to ensure that all their children are able to get through college and give them enhanced peace of mind should something go wrong, they were well prepared. It doesn’t matter if your student is in college already or like me—in 8th grade (and younger), we have the tools and procedures essential to making college attainable and affordable.

Here are just of sampling of what our approach includes:

College Search guide – We help you to find the best matching college for higher education. We caters to students who might not know where to begin and guides you through the research process.

ACT/SAT Test Preparation – ACT/SAT preparation offer several tutoring packages including a- pay-as- you go option for those of you on a budget.

College Visitation Guide - A visit to a college campus can help you decide if that college is right for you. Make a plan ahead of time to get the most from your visit.

College Admissions Guide - Allows the family to better organize a successful admissions
campaign to achieve the student's ultimate goal of being accepted to the college of choice.

Scholarship Search Guide - The mission of college inspiration is to provide scholarships to exceptionally bright students who have serious financial constraints, enabling them to achieve professional success . Your help goes a long way.

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculation - Our service helps reduce this number to
the lowest possible level.

Financial Aid Form Guide - We assist you to learn more about financial aid on a basic level that help you to get a grasp of the process and the end goal as you’re sharing information with colleges and analyzing financial aid award packages.

Negotiation Strategy Guide - We provides a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of negotiating formats, negotiating styles and preparation strategies.

My Retirement Education - Retirement can be a time to explore new possibilities or to slow down and fully enjoy the life you spent your working years building—or it can be a bit of both. Here, you'll find expert guidance on all the elements that contribute to a good retirement: saving and investing; planning; maintaining your health; identifying activities and work to suit you
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