Docker Native Now Supported by Nanobox for Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating Systems

From: Nanobox
Published: Tue Feb 07 2017

Nanobox, a "micro platform" that simplifies the dev to production life cycle, announced today that it has released support for native Docker on all three operating systems that are now supported by Docker: Linux, Mac and Windows. The Nanobox micro platform runs on top of Docker, making Docker easier to use and more accessible for development teams. With this update to its platform, Nanobox makes it possible for developers using any of those operating systems to take advantage of Docker’s native functionality within Nanobox.

Prior to this release of native Docker support, users of Nanobox relied solely upon VirtualBox (a cross-platform, open source virtualization application made by Oracle) to set up development environments on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. Nanobox environments (with their corresponding Docker containers) have until today always existed inside of VirtualBox instances.

The release last fall of Docker for Mac and Windows created the opportunity for developers to use Docker natively on those respective operating systems. This native support for Mac and Windows operating systems development made it practical for Nanobox to support the use of its platform with native Docker functionality.

Previous to the support of Docker for Mac and Windows operating systems, VirtualBox was the lowest common denominator that allowed all Nanobox users, regardless of what operating system they were using, to successfully use Nanobox for app development. Now that native Docker is supported with Nanobox, developers have two options for running their environments: run Nanobox (and Docker) inside of a VirtualBox system or use Nanobox with native Docker for their operating system of choice.

Some of the advantages provided by this newly announced native Docker implementation for Nanobox include a native workflow experience, direct integration between Nanobox and their operating systems, and streamlined local development and deployment workflow.

This announcement of support for Docker native is especially meaningful for Nanobox users who use Linux. Because Docker was designed to run on Linux systems, using the Nanobox platform with native Docker for Linux is a more natural and seamless process. Nanobox running with native Docker for Linux also performs significantly better than when VirtualBox is used to run Nanobox on a Linux-based computer.

For Mac and Windows users, Nanobox still recommends using the VirtualBox configuration, at least until Docker is able to fix performance issues that currently exist for Mac and Windows. Those performance issues cause Nanobox to run more slowly than the using a Virtualbox instance.

This release of native Docker support by Nanobox is one of several announcements expected to be made this week by the company as it prepares for its public release. Other pending announcements that will be made over the coming days and weeks include support for cloud hosting environments such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Linode. Nanobox currently supports hosting with Digital Ocean.

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