A bit about the history of vending machine

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Published: Tue Feb 07 2017

Vending machines have long been known in the world. In our country, many remember the water dispensers that were at every corner. They disappeared, and sometime were not automatic, while the worldwide vending machines not only modified, but also winning new supporters and offered an increasing range of products.
Active development of modern vending began in the middle of the 20th century, and by the end of it in the world existed and continues to work today.
According to some analysts, the world is currently running about 25 million. Vending machines and their number continues to grow. This is due to the following factors:
1. Increasing brand competition and the inevitable search for new promotion tools.
On the shelves you can get lost in the similar products, billboards on highways impose similar items, similar methods, and the promoters of the army offers a taste of goods. To stand out from the mass of similar, we need unconventional moves. One of them, the use of branded vending machine with your brand offering here and now tries to buy goods. The ability to precisely place your ad and the actual product close at hands of the buyer
2. To receive your product at any time and where it is familiar and comfortable to the buyer, always keep before the eyes of your product it's a big advantage. That they are widely and successfully used by Coca-Cola Company and Nestle.
3. The desire of consumers to receive goods next to your workplace or home. The high pace of life imposes on people their own rules. Eating on the run has become the norm, the opportunity to buy goods on the move becomes an advantage, confidence that is always here, you can get easily and quickly a favorite product improves customer loyalty and increases the attractiveness of the brand.
4. Rising labor costs and the desire to optimize personnel costs. Each traditional retail space requires at least two or three vendors that should be provided not only jobs, but also a number of additional services for normal operation. Staff can get sick; go on vacation or to resign. Residents increasingly difficult to hire low-skilled jobs, hence the influx of immigrants and the growth of relevant issues.
5. Improving machines and expanding the range of products offered. In recent years, developed vending machines for a very wide range of products from hot pizza, French fries and coffee to beer in glass bottles, pharmaceutical products and the press. In principle the machine can sell the product to virtually any portion packs. Modern machines not only advertise and sell, but also accumulate statistics impulse sales.
Products that are offered through the machines can be divided into the following groups:
• Hot drinks: coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, soups
• Cold drinks: mineral water, energy drinks, beer, sodas
• juices and nectars
• snacks: crackers, chips, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, sandwiches
• cigarettes
• press
• hygiene products
• Other products: payment cards, ice cream and so on.

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