How LED Ticker Tape Keep Updated People in Real Time

From: Tickerplay
Published: Tue Feb 07 2017

The term ticker tape is known as a device that was used to convey the information about trades on paper pieces. This technology has gone old now. Along with time, electronic ticker tapes are now used in various fields. LED ticker tapes are the latest version of its kind. They are very attractive as well as informative that is why the use of these tapes has increased. Ticker tapes are completely wireless devices. They do not require any wired connection for displaying contents. This feature has made it an ultra modern way of advertisement. These tapes are capable to display information in colourful and entertaining way. You can see various Led tickers in public places where electronic messages are displayed for stock market or sports games like football or cricket. Tickers are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
1) Indoor LED tickers
These tickers are used to display the information inside a building complex. You can see these tickers in shopping malls or hospitals to inform people about various sections or wards.
2) Outdoor LED tickers
Led tickers are used for outdoor display of information. You can see them in front of stock exchanges or news agencies. They display the latest updates of share markets and current affairs.
LED ticker signs in entertainment
Live score of matches can be seen on led sports ticker. It is an easy way of entertainment while doing your other works. Instant updates of match score keeps you well informed about your favourite game even without a television. Latest Gossips of film industry can also be seen on these tickers. Movies release dates, reviews of critics and ratings are illustrated perfectly in these displays. Currently these tapes are becoming very popular among the multiplexes.
Attract customers with LED Signs
LED tickers are one of the most popular means of advertisement in modern era. Lighting has always proved itself as an effective way of attraction. With the help of vibrant ticker tapes, attracting customers has become much easier. It displays all the descriptions of products and services in attractive manner. Glowing colours of LED are much attractive than simple posters and banners. They are very flexible in nature. You can customise the data of these tapes without replacing them like old banners. LED tickers provide specific information such as discounts, open sale or free combos to the customers. They are visible from a long distance even in the dark. This feature makes them a unique way of advertisement. Even small businesses have also started using LED tickers .
Helpful for Other Business Resources
LED ticker tapes are also helpful for other business resources. Stock tickers constantly upgrade the information of business firms which is very helpful for investors. These tapes works on totally wireless platform where social media updates of a specific person can be displayed. A famous celebrity can display his/here status on LED Twitter Ticker which is a profitable business for Twitter Company too.
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