Embrace the Cloud with SpotCam Cloud Camera

From: SpotCam
Published: Wed Feb 08 2017

Embrace the cloud with SpotCam, the high-definition WiFi Security Camera with night vision ability and two-way audio, is the perfect monitoring system for your home and business.

With Spot Cam and the SpotCam cloud NVR plan, there’s no longer any need for bulky servers or DVR recording devices.

How the Cloud Works

When you turn on your SpotCam Cloud Camera or when it’s activated by motion sensor, it streams encrypted live video and audio to the MySpotCam.com cloud server. It’s that simple. You can then use your smartphone, computer, laptop or whatever device you want to connect to MySpotCam.com and view and manage your video footage.

You can also receive alerts via email or mobile APP and share live videos and snapshots.


Security and Privacy

You are the only who can access your videos. SpotCam and MySpotCam.com use bank-level encryption technology and SSL security. No one will ever see anything without your permission.

Permanent Storage

The SpotCam NVR Plan offers free and permanent storage of all recorded videos. You additionally receive a free film space to keep your favorite Cloud Home Monitoring clips.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

You can access your videos anytime you wish on MySpotCam.com or via the mobile APP. And, you must take advantage of this benefit. You’ll marvel at the great moments you didn’t realize you missed.

Share Your Videos

With MySpotCam.com and the mobile app, you can share your videos with anyone you choose. Or, if you’d rather, you can keep it all private.

Things are going great now, yet those at SpotCam will go on striving to better its systems and provide you with better products ands solutions.

About Company:

SpotCam is created by a group of young, passionate people and experienced specialist from CCTV industry. This team is bound together with a shared vision, to make CCTV fun, easy to use, and suitable for anyone with something to watch when they are away.

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