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Published: Wed Feb 08 2017

Foodzu is an online hypermarket that has a wide variety of kitchen groceries, bakery item and cosmetics at highly comprehensive prices. The Internet is a modern marvel that has really changed the way we see the world. It has revolutionized almost all aspects of life, including the way we shop, the way we live and the way we speak, etc. To make life easier has come to the online store. Based in Bangalore, the online store offers a range of daily use groceries, packaged food, bread, bakery, beauty product and dairy products.

Foodzu stocks more than 10000 products from 800 brands to meet the daily need of families With a wide range of grocery available at highly affordable prices, foodzu in never fails to bring smiles on customers’ faces. Customers can reach out to the online store to buy baby food, grocery, personal care products, stationery, bread, dairy products and 10 varieties of Dates from Arab countries, Nuts from Brazil, Saffron from Kashmir and many more.

When asked about the availability of grocery. No matter you want to cook, we provide best quality food product at affordable prices and in convenient time. customers can rest assured about getting value for money, products and return services in case if you didn't like the quality.
Foodzu picks dairy product from the manufacturer and delivery on the same day. The online store that ensures best quality of goods are delivered to the customers. Therefore, those who want to buy grocery online in India you can rely on foodzu to deliver the product with lowest prices and unbeatable discounts.

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Foodzu is an online hypermarket based on Bangalore.It offers, top quality goods in a single roof, we has a huge collection of 1000 brands in our available grocery items you will find everything you are looking for. Right from rice, pulses, spices and seasonings to packaged food, bread, bakery, beauty product and dairy products. In all inclusive online supermarkets in Bangalore foods is the most preferred online supermarket with a choice to make from than 15,000 products
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