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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Austria is a place with diverse culture, rich tradition, and profound history. Despite of the fact that it is a leading winter destination, Austria Tourism is also a popular summer destination. There are various villages and historic landmarks and be overwhelmed on the commanding presence of Mount Alps. To help the travellers in building their travel itinerary, we have listed some of the top Things To Do In Austria.

Top 4 Places to Visit in Austria

For those who are travelling to Austria for the first time, choosing your destination can be quite daunting. Here are the top 4 destinations that you shouldn’t miss that will give you a satisfying experience,

1. Schnobrunn Palace

The Schnobrunn Palace is the leading tourist landmark in Vienna. Some travellers are saying that the beauty of this palace is comparable with the grandiose and the beauty of the Versailles. Built between the years 1696-1712, the structure is comprised of more than 1,400 rooms. It has been converted as an Imperial palace during the time of Maria Theresa. It comes with various things to do in Austria such as visiting the marble summerhouse, solving the intricate labyrinth, the Privy Garden and go to the oldest zoo all over the world.

2. Hallstat

The Hallstat is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the Austria Tourism. This is where you will find the village of Salzkammergut which is renowned worldwide for their production of salt. The entire village has a long history of prestige and wealth that has been defined by the salt industry. Go on a sightseeing adventure at the subterranean lake at the Hornerwerk where you will see a primitive man that is preserved using salt. It is one of the most unique places to visit in Austria that will give you a fulfilling travel experience.
3. Hofburg Palace

This imperial palace is also nestled in the glorious city of Vienna where some of the major landmarks of Austria tourism are found. Hofburg is the official residential place of Austria’s current president. It is their winter residence while the Scnobrunn Palace is the summer residence. It was the official seat of the emperor and king of the Roman Empire from 1438-1583 and 1612-1806.

4. Seefeld, Tyrol

The Seefeld, Tyrol has become the home of the Winter Olympics for twice in a roll. It is one of the popular places to visit where you can enjoy some of the winter activities. It is also renowned for its diverse summer activities such as hiking and strolling where you will appreciate the beauty of the nature. They offer a high-end accommodation and a refreshing resort where you can have your vacation in class and style.

Aside from being known as the country where the Sound of Music was filmed, Austria tourism offers an enormous experience for a diverse set of travellers. You can enjoy the rich tradition and culture of the place, go on a trip at the historical sites or experience the breathtaking outdoor adventure of Austria.

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