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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Deutschland popularly known as Germany is a hilly, beautiful country in Europe. Visiting extraordinary castles, cathedrals, drinking traditional beer and exploring amazing attraction sites are some of the Things To Do In Germany. The Berliner Dom in Berlin, the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, the Eekholt Wildlife Park Hamburg and the Merkur Funicular Railway Baden-Baden are just some of the must-see things.

Admire Berliner Dom in Berlin, One of the Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

One of the must-see attractions in Germany is the Berlin Cathedral popularly known as the Berliner Dom. Whether you are religious or not, this amazing building designed by Julius Raschdorff will surprise you. To understand its beauty more, include a visit of the cathedral in your Places To Visit In Germany during your next vacation. Apart from public holidays, the cathedral can be visited any day. Visit during the day and at night for different perspectives.

Watch Wildlife in their Natural Environment at the Eekholt Wildlife Park, Hamburg

For the animal lovers, visiting the Eekholt Wildlife Park in Hamburg is one of the fun things to do in Germany. It’s a unique park where animals are not confined in cages, but they are in enclosures. It’s amazing to see wildlife in its natural environment yet still in enclosures. Hundreds of animals roam the park freely, and there are hundreds of animal species to be seen. The park is privately owned.

Enjoy Spectacular Views of Baden-Baden by Taking the Merker Funicular Railway

Enjoy spectacular views of Baden-Baden, a German spa city from a 2,191-foot point. This is when you take the Merker Funicular Railway up the landmark mountain of the city. Take in fresh air as you take a walk on the marked footpaths, admire the beautiful views and dine at the restaurant found here. Even when you have limited time, taking the Merker Funicular Railway is worth it as it takes only five minutes.

Discover the Lavishly Decorated Nymphenburg Palace in Munich

Ancient castles and palaces dot Germany. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Germany is the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. By taking a guided tour, you will understand its purpose and enjoy the lavishly decorated palace more. Dating back to the 17th century the palace used to be Bavarian Monarch’s summer residence. In it’s close to 300-hectare garden, there are streams, lakes, architectural gems and sculptures to be admired. This is one of Europe’s biggest palaces and one of the most beautiful.

Explore the Frankfurt Cathedral

In the heart of Frankfurt, you will find the 16th century Roman Catholic. The Frankfurt Cathedral is a popular architectural gem in Germany Tourism. A beautiful piece of architecture and dedicated to St. Bartholomew, the Frankfurt Cathedral is of Gothic design that is a must see.

If its beauty and rich cultural heritage you are looking for, Germany has that to offer. The castles, the palaces, beautiful landscapes and an amazing environment, Germany is a popular destination for many.

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