Amazing Things to Do in Sweden

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

How do you describe a country that is known for their Nobel Peace Prize, Absolute Vodka and Vikings? In the past few years, the country has gradually transformed into the ultimate paradise. For those who love the amazing scenery of the outside world, the trip to Sweden is a tough experience to beat. They have pristine bodies of water and enthralling landscapes that defines the beauty of Sweden. Public transportation is very comfortable, and the people are helpful and warm. They are some of the friendliest people that you can find in the surface of the planet. There are just so many places to visit during your vacation to the Sweden.

Make Your Trip to Sweden Memorable

There are so many things to do in Sweden, be sure to give yourself a plenty of time when visiting this country to see some of the most majestic destinations. Here are some of them.


The Drottningholm Palace is like a place extracted right from the pages of the Fairytale books. Nestled at the Lovo Island, it is a World Heritage Site that was constructed during the 17th Century. The place currently serves as the official residence of the Royal Family. The bronze sculpture, terraced park and the picturesque scenery of Denmark and Bohemia serves as the magical backdrop. Your trip to Sweden will be extra special when you visit the Chinese Pavilion which was constructed during 1700s and the Palace Theatre during the 18th century.

Vasa Museum

Attracting millions of travellers all over the world annually, visiting the Vasa Museum is definitely one of the best things to do in Sweden. At least 20 million individuals have already visited the place since it was made accessible to the public last 1990. You will be surprised on the majestic presence of the Vasa Ship which is part of the imperial fleet of Sweden during 1628. It has been resting in the icy waters of Sweden for more than 300 years until salvage was conducted last 1961.


Stockholm is a major player in the Sweden Tourism. The place is often regarded as the North’s Venice. There is water just about anywhere, and at least 30,000 islands nestle at the grandiose Archipelago of Stockholm. Various guided tours are being offered within the city which included meals and where you can enjoy hopping from one island to another and be amazed on the timber houses that remain unspoiled by time.


This park offers a lot of amenities for its visitors and the locals, especially during the summer season. There are high-end hotels, restaurants, and shopping centre nearby. Some of the amazing things to do in Sweden include biking and canoeing.

Sweden is a country that is often neglected since they prefer the Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. But for those who are willing to visit the country, they will realise that there are many things to do in Sweden that is defined by its magical scenery, unique culture and tradition and rich history.

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