Things To Do When In Jordan As A Tourist

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Published: Tue Feb 14 2017

Jordan is an Arab Kingdom that is located in the mesmerising lands of Western Asia. Bordering it, are the beautiful countries, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. Jordan’s beauty and tourist attraction attributes are epitomised by the River Jordan and its banks as well as the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. The fascinating nature of Jordan is also depicted by the availability of historical monuments, cool beaches, elegant modern shopping malls and market places as well as well enriched museums and National Parks. Owing to these luxurious treasures confined in Jordan, you cannot miss things to do in Jordan.

Visit Petra City

This is a fabled rose red city that is enriched with fabulous ruins and mesmerising monuments. In 1985, it was declared a world Heritage site by UNESCO. History has it that it was the capital of Nabataean kingdom before it was absorbed by the Roman Empire. It was a flourishing city when Roman took it until an earthquake scathed its spellbinding building and left the ruins. The ruins look so typical and enchanting which is why you should not forget you Camera to capture this scenic medieval ruins. Owing to this historical significance and spellbinding nature of Petra, Petra has continued to play a big role in Jordan tourism industry by attracting visitors from across the globe and bringing in foreign income.

Take a Look at Wadi Ram

In the desperate lands of Southern Jordan, lies this highly protected desert region. It enshrines a lot of attractive treasures like the Sandstone Mountains. Chief among these Sandstone Mountains include the many-domed Jebel Um Ishrin which can be viewed some kilometres away before you reach the place. The place carvings and inscriptions including the Burdah Rock Bridge and many others of the likes. If you want a cool place that can make you feel like you are in a different world, this is the place to tour. Make sure include it in your Jordan tours so that you don’t miss these desert wonders.

Jerash Ruins

In the North of Amman, stands this beautiful city which is known to have been inhabited by people since the Bronze Age. Its beauty is typical because of the walled Greco-Roman settlement that is known to have existed for centuries. Besides having these ancient ruins, the place has a modern city that is well pimped and enriched with modern amenities. Containing historical monuments like Forum’s oval colonnade, Temple of Artemis and Hadrian’s Arch, this place is worth any tourist’s visit.

Royal Automobile Museum

Your Jordan tours would not be satisfactory and enriching without stepping a foot in this special Museum. The museum was built in 2003, and it was meant to display all the vehicles that the former leaders of Jordan used. This museum houses most of the vehicles that were used by leaders including both the ancient leaders and the recent ones. Have a look at some of the vintage luxurious cars that the royals used to rock in which are now outdated and out of class. The Museum also has latest sports cars and luxurious like the Range Rovers and Lamborghini.

There are many things to do in Jordan, but it all depends on your preferences and aim of your tour in Jordan. You cannot miss a thing to do because all the amenities tourists require are in this land.
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